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Working as part of a team within the Coed Du Hall group will provide you with the opportunity to observe first-hand the benefits and successes possible when adopting this approach towards healthcare.

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  Coed Du Hall Staff Experiences

If you want to read some of the experiences of our existing staff please see below:

C - Registered Manager ..........

“I have worked within the organisation for over 10 years and have been supported to progress over the years from Bank Support Worker to Registered Manager. I've been supported throughout my time in the organisation to complete various qualifications including QCF Level 2, 3 and 5, and I have always felt encouraged to complete any training that would enhance my career prospects. I feel the organisation have invested in me, believed in me and have been willing to support me throughout my career, which I'm extremely grateful for.”

S - Support Worker ..........

“I have worked at R for nearly 11 years. Within my time here I have felt fully supported by management and work alongside a very supportive team. I find the environment to be very welcoming which creates a home from home feel and works together like one big family with the residents being at the forefront of their care. We strongly support each individual's cultural needs and wishes. Within the organisation we are lucky to have the ground of Felin y Gors where the residents can be with one with nature and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the surroundings.”

T - Registered Manager ..........

“I started out working at S in 2016 as a support worker. I was then offered the role of Senior, and was given the opportunity to help set up a new home within the company. There I was supported to obtain my QCF level 3 in Health & Social Care whilst also training as acting Manager. I then spent a couple of months working alongside the operations director learning the role of manager, with a brief time as Reg 27 inspector for the company. I learnt a lot during this time. Once I obtained my level 3 I was given the role of Registered Manager back in the home I had started out in. The company have been very supportive in helping me get to where I am today. They like to see staff progress through the company. I wanted to stay with Coed Du Hall and be back in the place I started, as I love the ethos here. Residents are central to everything that is done. The home has a very homely, family atmosphere. The gardens are beautiful and well maintained giving the residents a place to relax. We also have a private nature reserve that the residents love to go to throughout the year. This was a blessing during the pandemic as it gave the residents a safe place to go and connect with nature and the outdoors, which really helped with their mental health. I like that the residents see this, and refer to here, as their ‘home’ and not just the place that they live. I am proud to be part of that.”

C - Support Worker ..........

“Throughout the time I have worked at Coed Du Hall, there is a sense of community for one another within the company. Long-standing staff members and a real sense of comradeship for one another runs through the organisation. The residents are the apex of everything and their well-being is paramount to what we do. My manager always promotes individuals to advance, whilst inspiring our team collectively to bring out the best of ourselves. There is a decent level of training offered and any additional justifiable training is always offered to aid progression within the company.”

A - Registered Manager ..........

“On my first day as the new manager of M in October 2021, I was understandably nervous and full of trepidation. It became apparent very quickly that M had a nurturing environment that quickly settles you, I instantly felt as sense of calm as a had a walk around the beautiful home which is decorated to a very high standard but more importantly it has that home from home feeling it is a small service and I feel that this is in its favour, this allows the service to offer an intimate approach to the resident’s care and support, the environment within M is nurturing and provides a family atmosphere that can be felt as soon as you enter. One of the things that struck me was not only the beautiful building but the grounds in which it is stood, the gardens of M are beautifully manicured and offer a serene space for the residents to gather their thoughts and spend their time but also provides the opportunity to engage in activities within these beautiful surroundings and gives them the chance to connect with Nature. We are very lucky to be a short drive from Felin y Gors as this provides us with an idyllic spot for walks, picnics amongst many other activities but most importantly gives the residents the opportunity to connect with outside, bringing nature into everyday life can benefit both their mental and physical wellbeing, we find this a positive approach for our residents.”

A - Senior Support Worker ..........

“I have worked for Coed Du Hall for about two years, starting as a support worker and progressing to a senior support worker. I have had a very positive experience with excellent support from management and senior management who are all very approachable. The company as a whole are very interested in positive outcomes for people who use our services. It's a lovely place to work, so if you are thinking of starting a career in care, this would be a good place to start.”

E - Responsible Individual ..........

“I first joined Coed Du Hall in 2008 when I was offered voluntary work experience to support my studies in Psychology at University. From the very beginning, the organisation fully supported my determination and desire to progress within the Health and Social Care field, offering me continued and varied opportunities to develop, grow and learn. The support and guidance from the organisation prepared me for my role as a Regulation Inspector, which I did for 4 years before returning to the role of Responsible Individual. From personal experience I know that staff who enter the organisation with the right values, approach and mind set to providing quality care and support to individuals, are recognised, encouraged and supported to progress. Residents and staff thrive and achieve within the organisation due to the supportive, inclusive and equal culture; which I am proud to be a part of.”


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